Built on cutting edge technology.
    Deploy anything anywhere. Manage any cloud platform.
    Focus on your business needs and regulatory compliance
    and forget about the complexities around technologies.

Why Cloudmatiq?

Support for any Cloud, any application.
Cloudmatiq is a Cloud Platform and Business Process Management tool
that helps organisations gain the benefits of Cloud from Day one.

Wizard Based

Easy to use web based console designed for best user experience. Wizard based functions.

Deployment Models

Cloud brokering features enable bi-directional migrations of Cloud resources across multiple Cloud service providers. Plan capabilities enable the planning and control of your costs. Deploy solutions on premise, build your own service catalogue, deploy hybrid Clouds solutions.

Support & Application Maintenance

The product can be deployed in network, in your Cloud or hosted as managed service by Cloudmatiq. No matter the deployment model, Cloudmatiq will support and provide managed services as required. Professional services are available for customisations and complex solutions.

Monitor your KPIs

Deploy, Operate, Monitor or Upgrade your solutions using any device. Use visual dashboards to easily manage and collaborate.

Operate any Solution

Whether you deploy solution using our comprehensive catalogue of templated software or define your solutions, Cloudmatiq can deploy 1,000s of servers at the click of a button. Account for costs and have architecture diagrams automatically created. Cloudmatiq tracks your compliance to international standards and technical standards with alerts and comprehensive reports. Cloudmatiq manages your finance and sales operations reporting


Security is paramount, you can make use of OAUTH2, integrate your corporate Directory Services and comply with the strictest security certification requirements. Cloudmatiq helps you manage authorisation workflows.

Leap Ahead...

CSDM is a high performance solution allowing the end-to-end integration of your operations and processes. Your teams will work seamlessly from IT, R&D, Sales, Compliance to Cloud operations and Support Services.

  • Simple & with endless possibilities.
  • Calculate the costs of your solutions.
  • Enable Self-Service functions for internal users and field personnel.
  • Granular Role Based Access Control for every function.
  • All solution functions are available through APIs.
  • Enable solution elasticity, redundancy and different levels of SLAs on the platform of your choice with one click.
  • Migrate your existing applications to any Cloud with ease
  • Centralised Configuration Management System and integrated CMDBs

CSDM is Provided As-a-Service

This revolutionary and technically advanced product is provided as-a-Service, no matter how you decide to deploy it. CSDM will reduce deployment and operational costs by an estimated 40%-60% with some cases peaking upwards 80%. You can seamlessly integrate your workflows from sales and presales to deployment and operations of solutions thanks to CSDM design, which is based on real customer needs and gathers for standard enterprises as well as service providers, integrators and channel partners. Imagine your operations on steroids.

Reuse a pre-configured library of most popular solution templates or build and package your solutions for deployment on any cloud at the click of button.

CSDM is designed to simplify the deployment and operations of both network and application infrastructure. Once you deploy a solution, it will automatically scale, it will be automatically monitored and will also integrate automatically with your central monitoring solution and other systems.

Incredible Performance

Configure, deploy and Operate at lightening speed. Enable DevOps, Continuous Integration and Disaster Recovery while being completely in control of KPIs and security. Set automated schedules to test your DR capabilities.

Fully Customizable

If you require specific features, we will gladly consider including them in our product roadmap at no cost to you. We will also make you aware of our product roadmap and allow you to drive future requirements. Our Professional Services will provide customisations that are specific to your business.

Component Based Solution

CSDM is component based and can be subscribed by module. If you require only a specific functions, we will be able to satisfy your specific requirements, both in price and scope. We provide flexible licensing and subscription models to meet avery customer needs.